Innovative fun, girl (or woman) only, events, on how to tune in and turn on her incredible powers and create sisterhood inspired confidence

I had an amazing time at the SuperGirl Workshop! I enjoyed talking about my feelings and what I thought about myself. I got to meet some wonderful people who were all unique and different – just like our capes that we made. My favourite part was the “HUG BELL”. I loved all the hugs and felt like we were a family.

Giada M.

Toronto, ON, Age 8


Through a series of them based workshops which apply fun and innovative self-empowerment tools and practices will help any young girl get more connected to her Self. Her voice. Her truth. She’ll discover how to bust through limiting cultural expectations and pressures, unleash the qualities that make her so special in the first place, and how to use the power of her thoughts and the power of her mind to create happiness, confidence and success in her life.

Through the Adventures in Wisdom™ modules, girls are empowered in 5 main areas:

  • MindPower™ – Understanding the Power of Your Mind and Why You Achieve What You Believe
  • InnerPower™ – How to Think for Yourself, Make Good Decisions, and Stand Up to Peer Pressure
  • MePower™ – How to Develop Soaring Self-esteem and Powerful Self-confidence
  • DreamPower™ – Creating Your Vision, Achieving Your Goals, & Manifesting Your Dreams
  • Slaying Dragons™ – Learning to Bust Through Fear, Mistakes, Failure, and Change

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