“If you have the opportunity to work with the lovely and inspirational Tia, consider yourself very lucky. Her wisdom and intuition are spot on and her positive energy is contagious. She has so much knowledge to contribute in the area of female empowerment and fundamentally understands the intricacies of the female experience. She is a gift to mothers and daughters alike.” Melody Gabay Pourmoradi

New York, NY

One – on – One Coaching

When we understand that our core thoughts and beliefs are shaped when we are young, it becomes an essential component to a child’s development that they are equipped with the right tools and resources to navigate through their greatest adventure ever!…the journey through their life.

As a certified WISDOM Coach, I love, love, love working with mothers and daughters to create a life they are excited about, so they can become leaders of their own lives – or what I like to call “Master Adventurer’s.”

So, whether your 7 or 78 and ready to become your own Master Adventure, I’m dedicated to helping you . . .

  • Boost your confidence, clarity, and appreciation for the real you
  • Discover and unleash those formidable feminine-esque strengths of yours that (let’s face it) our mostly male-led world is sorely missing—I’m talking major superpowers such as empathy, intuition, collaboration, vulnerability, and so many more.
  • Create a deeper connection to Self, your own North Star, which will wisely guide and navigate you in all your relationships.
  • Develop “aha!” insights into your unique life lessons, awesome opportunities, and necessary growth challenges, especially in times of conflict and stress.
  • Shift quickly into healthier perspectives on life, so you can easily connect with your truth, and know when to draw necessary boundaries.
  • Celebrate the success and dreams of other females instead of competing with them, and then witness the what I like to call the “feminine-effect phenomenon” which is what happens whenever you dare to step up as a positive role model.

If you’re ready to be and woman of influence, supporting and encouraging other women and girls to live life to their greatest potential, equipped with the tools and resources such as using the power of her mind and the power of her thoughts to learn how to bust through fear and create courage; to overcome disappointments and failures without giving up; managing mistakes without blame and excuses; and handling change with confidence and ease…it’s time we talk! Together, we can clear up any blocks that are holding you back and customize a solution that leads you to become a Master Adventurer of your own life.

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