One morning in late August, Sophia and I were making breakfast (well….actually she was!) and she came up with a brilliant idea as we were talking about how fun it was being in the kitchen together.

She talked about how cool it would be to turn our house into a restaurant for a morning and serve breakfast to anyone that wants to come. I was like “WOW, this girl really likes to think big!”. So I started asking questions about what we would make, how many seatings we’d have, what we would charge, if we needed any help, what we would do with the money, etc. She whipped out answers without a moment’s hesitation, so I know she was really serious about this. As she shared her big vision with me and I became so inspired by her enthusiasm and before I knew it, she had my buy in to help bring it all to life! How could I not??
I also saw this as another great opportunity for Sophia to experience the power of manifestation and watch her brilliant idea come to life. There were so many incredible learning nuggets here to grasp: She’d get a taste of entrepreneurship in running a small operation, she’d experience the power of team work, relate to a sense of purpose by donating the proceeds she raised to something she believed in, the ability feel the sense of community she was creating in bringing people together for a good cause, the joy in doing something together and connecting through play. Sure, life is really busy and to add yet another thing like this onto my plate like this makes it heavier, but it’s these moments that I live for. The ones I get to deeply connect to and fuel my daughter’s authentic nature and celebrate her sense of self-worth.
So, on August 15th, Chef Sophia, myself, and two volunteered helpers (Victoria and Alfred Jr.) made some magic happen. Up in action bright and early, Sophia designated everyone’s role and we made sure everything was prepared as customers started to arrive at 10:00 AM. It was all in such flow. We had 3 seatings where Sophia and her friend hosted everyone who arrived, we met some amazing new neighbours and enjoyed the company of old friends and family. We raised $200 which Sophia chose to donate to, an organization that teaches girls the skills to know who they are, what they believe, how to express it, empowering them to create change in the world. The energy was incredible and our house felt so full of love. It was truly a beautiful day.
When we finally finished and cleaned up the last seating, the girls collapsed on their chairs, exhausted from it all. I was like, there is no way this is what they expected. But funny enough, when I asked them how they felt and if it was what they expected, they perked right up and said “When can we do it again?”
Now that’s some GirlPower!!
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