“Tia has a way with words and can bring insight and optimism to any situation. I have appreciated her gifted ability to shift perspective and connect with my heart with such compassion. Tia is a shining testament to transforming conflict to confidence and her commitment to her own growth is so strong, she naturally inspires others to do the same.”

Freya Howard

London, England

Keynote Talks and Engagement

Tia currently offers an empowerment keynote talk for girls (9-15) and mothers, speaking at schools and community groups sharing her core teachings on:

  • How to give ourselves the love we seek from others,
  • The beauty and power of being a girl, and
  • How to build unshakeable self-worth.

She also leads the way with moms by providing them with tools, strategies and resources to shine in their own light and model positive behavior. Read Tia’s Biography.

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