Are You Ready to Answer the “Self-Expressed” Call for Your Daughter?

“The way you learn to love yourself is the way the world learns to love you back.”

As a young girl growing up in a traditional Greek family, I was never really seen for the “real me”—the true Tia.

There was always this intense pressure to embody the “good girl” archetype: you know, sweet, charming,  and consistently agreeable at all times, in all situations—no matter the cost to myself.

I felt like an invisible person . . . trapped inside my own body, unable to freely and confidently express who I was . . . from my deepest core self.  In other words, I had no clear sense of what it meant to be ME.

I Somehow Knew This Wasn’t “It”

As the years unfolded, I began to question what it meant to be female. And I couldn’t shake that gnawing feeling, the one that keeps reminding you, Hey girl, you’re on the wrong path. This isn’t how you were meant to live!

I ignored that intuitive voice anyway and continued to conform to my family and societal expectations. But as the years flew by, there was a deep pain—a suffering of the soul. I kept making decisions and following certain roads that met other’s expectations—not mine. As most girls do, I fell in line with the subconscious belief that to be loved meant I had to please and win the approval of others.

This pattern from my youth continued into adulthood. Even as a young woman, I clung to the idea that answers could only be found in the voices of others, certainly not mine. About this time, I started to notice that I was becoming increasingly disconnected from my true sense of “Self.”

Many times I fought my own power, my spirit, sweeping her under the rug whenever she dared to rise up and reveal the true me! My soul was suffocating. Yes, I had abandoned, betrayed, and neglected her. Still, SHE never gave up on me. My soul kept tugging at my heart to step up and own my self-expressed feminine blueprint—to fully live it.

So she waited, and she waited.

Fate Grabbed Me by the Shoulders

Then, one of my greatest fears hit me head-on. My marriage was crumbling and I was scared. Really scared. Yet, despite the tough road ahead, my resilient spirit busted out with a courage and conviction I could hardly believe was mine. And little by little, I began to come out of the shadows to reclaim my place in the world—allowing my spirit to embolden my heart.

First, I had to grieve the loss of a traditional family structure between my ex and our daughter, Sophia. I had to figure out life as a single mom while processing the parallel stories between my parents’ divorce and my own. We were different people, of course, but the circumstances were very similar. Except this time, I wasn’t going through divorce as a child. I was going through it as a grown woman with a child.

And I knew, I had a higher duty to my daughter now—because she’d be watching me closely and learning from everything I said and did. Despite the anguish of the situation, I stayed focused on the gift, the silver lining of my stressful situation.

Yes, this was my chance to create a better legacy for my daughter and maybe for others too, by stepping up and doing things differently than those before me.

It Wasn’t Easy, But I Couldn’t Go Back

It was time. Time for me to take 100 percent responsibility for who I was, and the woman I wanted to become as a role model for others. So I committed the next four years to developing a deep, personal relationship with those unknown parts of myself, in search of who “I” really was. I wasn’t on a mission to forget. I was on a mission to forgive and rebuild. Part of that meant redefining what love, integrity, and respect really meant to me.

I started to realize that the life we live on the outside is often a reflection of what’s going on inside of us.

This meant committing myself to positive change and self-growth by vowing to live life from a place of full-out integrity, no excuses. Whatever holistic practices and healing programs you could think of, I invested in them—from support groups, personal coaches, and sacred feminine retreats to fear-busting workshops, family counseling, and private meditation training, and much, much more. Each practice and program taking its part and sculpting me into the woman I am today.

My Daughter Helped Me Find My Voice

By far, my daughter has been my greatest teacher. By being a voice for her, she’s helped me find my own. I’ve learned so much from her about unconditional acceptance, self-love, patience, and compassion.

I love watching Sophia prance around the house with her favourite giant, bright-pink hair bow hairband bobbing up and down. I call it her “Pink Bow Bliss!”

And I’ve come to believe that we all have these “Pink Bow Bliss” moments when we’re our natural, most powerful selves.

This is the voice that resides in your heart, not your head. It’s a calling to the deepest parts of your soul. A passion that applauds your inner beauty and relationship to our shared Feminine Spirit. It’s that undeniable spark that lights up every time you claim and express yourself without fear or reservation, or worrying what others may think. It’s your wisest voice, the one that can manifest a life filled with peace and harmony and joy because, hey, you were born with these beautiful powers already inside of you!

Yes, I live my life from a much different place than four years ago. Today, I’m . . .

  • More in love with all that I am, versus what I’m not
  • In relationship with who I am in the present, not the past
  • Open to my journey, appreciating the lessons along the way, and finding gratitude in my evolution
  • Embracing the richness of tuning more often into my heart, instead of getting stuck in my head
  • Choosing to take responsibility for my life with passion and purpose, instead of accepting that “it’s just the way it is”
  • Happier being a more real and authentic person, rather than thinking I can’t be happy or accepted unless I’m “perfect”

So this is where my story has brought me—back to you . . .

I’m sure you’ll agree that whenever a girl sees and experiences these qualities in her own mother, she naturally begins to access and express them herself.

Together, let’s show our daughters that they can:

  • Embrace and express their truest selves—with feminine courage, heart, and confidence
  • Shift into healthier life perspectives by living from their most authentic expression of themselves
  • Show up as someone who follows her own voice, not the voice of others
  • Give themselves the love they seek from others
  • Apply the traits and strengths of feminine synergy to their everyday lives with more sway, and zero shame
  • Draw strength from one’s own exceptional self-worth, and as a result, learn to face any challenging situation with integrity and confidence

Because life isn’t meant to be lived as someone you’re not.

Life’s meant to be lived as your truest Self.

Life is meant to be an Adventure . . . of the Self-Expressed Girl!

Are you ready?

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