If any of you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’m a big kid at heart, love celebrating the gifts of being a girl, igniting others, and have an alias identity of dressing up as Wonder Woman and empowering young girls to live in their truth with a greater love of who they are.

It comes as no surprise then, when I decide it’s time to host a GIRL emPOWERment Workshop this past July to give a group of young girls the opportunity to identify with what makes them unique, claiming it as their own superpower gift to the world, and making their own authentic superhero cape to really bring it all to life.

I had the attendance of 8 radiant young girls come share an afternoon with me and really hone in on really juicy Girl Power stuff. The afternoon started off with the announcement of the “hug bell” which anyone could go ring when wanting a hug. The girls loved it! We then sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and shared our unique powers, what superhero names we came up with for ourselves, and how these powers could benefit the people in our lives. I then lead the conversation into discussing how cool it is just to be a girl and the unique powers we have collectively just because we are girls. I explained how we are creators, collaborators, nurturers, protectors, huge sources of love. All these things are innately part of us simply by being girls and that’s pretty cool.

We then listened to an 11 year old do a talk around the power of kindness. There were so many valuable messages in her words in understanding the choice we have to be kind and the impact of that on the world around us when we choose to live from that place.

After we filled the meaning of kindness in our hearts, we proceeded to do an exercise in being kind to ourselves. We each picked a partner and had to tell them 3 things we loved about ourselves. And it wasn’t enough saying it. We had to feel into it and say it passion and conviction to the person we were partnered with. What was so amazing about this exercise is that these girls were so excited to celebrate their bodies. It wasn’t enough for them to do it in partners, they wanted to express themselves to the whole group. These girls  who ranged in ages 6-9 were in their complete power: “I LOVE MY HAIR!”, “I LOVE MY SMILE!”, I LOVE MY EYES!” screaming joyfully as they expressed themselves. No shame, no shyness, no judgement…just abundant love for all that they were. It was incredible to observe.  It also made me realize something very very important. We do in fact come into this world with complete self-acceptance of ourselves and it is only as we grow to we lose it. It was then I realized just how important the work I do is in continuing to feed that acceptance and strengthen it as they grow so it is never broken or lost.

The girls followed that exercise with a break of healthy, homemade snacks and juices which were all organic, grain free, nut free, dairy free, no refined sugar to emphasize the value that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put into our minds – and it can all taste great! We talked about nurturing ourselves from the inside out. It was really cool to see the snacks and conversations around all this were all thoroughly enjoyed.

It was then time for the girls to make their own Superhero capes. It was fascinating to watch their capes come to life with their own self-expression stamped onto them. They wore them, got into a circle and talked about them and then I told them how magical these capes were. Not just because they had the powers now to help others now, but also because they had powers to protect themselves as well. So, whenever they felt sad, confused, lonely and needed a place to feel safe and protected they could put on their cape and know that they are in their own sacred space of love. They loved that.

The afternoon ended with each girl receiving a Certificate as a member of the Superhero Justice League identified by their Superhero name and power.

And I ended the day with a full heart.

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